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Due to my current health condition, I am not taking any requests for sponsored articles etc.

Who Am I?

I am a full-time wheelchair user who blogs about life with a disability.  I blog about my life as a disabled person living with Arthrogryposis. I blog about many aspects of my life, including my holiday experiences as a full-time wheelchair user, reviewing accessibility, services offered by retailers, hotels, restaurants etc. all from a disabled person’s point of view. 

In my spare time, I try to make the high street a more accessible place for disabled people by bringing awareness to shop managers.  This includes shop floor layouts, the height of tills/counters etc.

If you have something you wish me to review, (product/service), why not drop me a line to discuss things further!

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If you wish to share an article or submit a resource listing, please understand I will only accept content suitable for my visitors.  This means it must be disability-related.  If I feel your submission is not of any value to my readers/visitors, it will be refused

If you wish me to provide any of the following, do drop me an email where we can discuss things further.

  • Product Reviews
  • Resource Listing
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Guest Blogging
  • Article/Blog Submission

I believe blogging is a legitimate profession and that all bloggers should be rewarded for the work they do. Therefore, please don’t ask me to work for free as your offer will be declined – Thank you.

What can I do for you?

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