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work with me

Cazbarr | My life in pictures with my favourite quotes

Who Am I

I am Caroline (Cazbarr), I am a full-time wheelchair user and a disability blogger.  My website discusses my life as a disabled person living with Arthrogryposis. I talk about what life was like growing up as a disabled child and how I was the first disabled person (to my knowledge) who attended a mainstream secondary school in London.  Cazbarr | Work With Me | Contact today to find out more!

My Blogs are about many aspects of my life, including my holiday experiences as a full-time wheelchair user, reviewing accessibility, services offered etc. to reviewing companies products/services, again, from a disabled person’s point of view. 

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What Can I Do For You

  • Product Reviews
  • Resource Listing
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Guest Blogging
  • Article/Blog Submission

If your company wishes to share an article or submit a resource listing, please understand I will only accept content suitable for my disabled visitors.

If you would like me to guest blog, write an article or even interview me, please drop me a line using the form below.  Thank you.

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Working With Me

I believe blogging is a legitimate profession and that all bloggers should be rewarded for the work they do. Therefore, please don’t ask me to work for free as your offer will be refused – Thank you.