wheelchair pouch

Black wheelchair armrest pouch with one main pocket and several smaller onesI don’t always want to or feel safe taking a handbag out with me every time I go out, so I looked into how I could safely take my valuables with me without my handbag.

I came across these little beauties, Wheelchair Armrest Pouches.  They simply strap around your armrest on your wheelchair with either Velcro or elastic straps.  The pouch I’m using at the moment has one main zipped pocket and several smaller ones on the front but these are not zipped as you can see from the image.

As the pouch sits inside your armrest between your armrest and your body, it would be almost impossible for someone to get into it without your knowledge. 

I got my pouch off eBay for a really good price.  The zip pullers can be somewhat small, so I stick on a metal split ring and this aids me in opening and closing the zip.  I like the one I have at present so much, I’m going to buy a 2nd one as a spare.  This one has elasticated straps and fits much better on my armrest.  I also find the Velco straps over time can scratch your skin as they wear out.

I feel happy in the knowledge that my valuables are safe and a great alternative to having to carry a handbag.