Sistaco mineral bond nail set

Is Sistaco Nail Set The Solution For People With Dexterity Issues?

Is Sistaco Nail Set The Solution For People With Dexterity Issues?I ordered my Sistaco Mineral Bond Nail Set so I can test it out to see if it can help people like me (who suffers from dexterity issues) to apply colour to my nails. – I am in no way affiliated with this company but they knew I wished to purchase one of their nail sets so I could review it, they offered me a discount. Thank you Sistaco for your generosity.

Due to my disability, my hands don’t work very well. My arms and grip are very weak, my dexterity is awful meaning painting my own nails is almost an impossibility. So to make life much easier, quicker and cleaner, I end up going to nail bars to have my nails done. Which obviously can be very expensive if done regularly!

What Is A Sistaco Nail Set?

Sistaco nail set powder on nails in a holographic lilac colour.
Flamingo-Holographic Nail Powder

Sistaco Mineral Bond Nail Set is an alternative to nail varnish. Sistaco nails offer nail powders that come in either Classic, Holographic or Metallic finish that you simply rub onto your nails. There are many colours available and three nail kits to choose from:

  1. The Foundation Set (Choose 1 Colour from their range)
    Priced at £45*
  2. The Deluxe Set (Choose 3 Colours from their range) + FREE REMOVER
    Priced at £75*
  3. The Ultimate Set (Choose 6 Colours from their range) + FREE REMOVER
    Priced at £99*

*Prices correct at time of this review.

My Nail Kit Has Arrived

Sistaco Nail Set - The Solution For People With Dexterity Issues?  I Put It To The Test! - Nail package box including the set

Sistaco Nail Set – I purchased the £99 nail kit as I was given a discount. On their website, all prices are in GPB and contact numbers seem to be in the UK, so you are lead to believe they are based in the UK. Not the case, the products actually come from Australia! This is not something that is made clear on their website, I’m unsure as to why but something to be aware of when placing an order.

The packaging is ok, nice, but not as luxurious as I would expect when paying £99 for a nail kit. The packaging consists of one cardboard box with magnetic flap closure. It has a foam filling with cutouts for the different items. (image left). With the £99 kit (as you get 6 colours) you get a separate plastic see-through box with the remaining 3 nail colours.

All of this was despatched to me in a grey plastic postal bag. This shocked me as your products can be easily damaged while in transit! This is especially worrying as the LED light does not sit flush into the cutout at the bottom of the box, meaning the box doesn’t close flush and the magnetic closure could come open easily.

The USB lead for the LED light and a bottle of express remover varnish both sit underneath the LED lamp. This suggests the cutout is being used for more than was originally planned. Not a major issue but I just expected more for the price. (Bubble wrap or other protection would help inside the postal bag).

Mulberry coloured nail powder from Sistaco nail kit

Feeling the bottles and lids, they have a cheap plastic feel to them, again not what you would expect for your 100 bucks! They do look nice but feel cheap. I can’t help but feel there should have been a little more considering the price. Personally, I would have liked to have seen maybe a ribbon around the box, a little thank you note/card for your purchase or even a discount on my next order (especially in the top-of-the-range kit).

I believe, if you pay a lot of money for something, you expect that something to reflect that. If you’re asked to pay boutique prices, you expect boutique-style products & packaging. The packaging for this product does not meet those expectations!

When you open the bottle, the powders look very lush indeed. Rich colours, a full bottle of powder. (Although on a future purchase, one bottle was only half full?).

How To Apply

Before attempting to use my kit, I looked on their website and viewed a few YouTube videos to find out just how easy these are to apply. From what I have seen It seems relatively easy. There are different methods of applying the powders depending on which finish you are using. Full Instructions:

How To Remove

  1. Lightly buff the surface of your colour.
  2. Apply the Express Remover to your nail (make sure not to get any on your skin).
  3. Wait 2-3 minutes and begin gently pushing away your colour with a remover tool. 
  4. Wipe away any residue, and your nails will be fresh and clean, ready for your next colour!

Source: Sistaco website

I have read some reviews that claim the remover doesn’t do a good job. I will be putting that to the test also.

The video below is the one used on Sistaco’s website. It does seem a little too good to be true. I do hope to be proven wrong on this!

My First Use

Setting Up
Sistaco Nail Set - The Solution For People With Dexterity Issues?  I Put It To The Test! - My setup equipment

My “setup” consists of:
Two sheets of kitchen roll (folded) to catch any fall-out
Basecoat nail varnish
Topcoat nail varnish, (both topcoat/base coat sitting in a tub of hot water)
Plastic tub for sitting my varnishes in hot water
Nail Powder of choice
Nail powder applicator
LED lamp (USB operated)
Orange sticks to clean excess base coat/top coat from around my nails
Small headed make-up brush to brush away excess powder from around my nails
Wooden block so I can rest each finger on at a higher height while applying varnish/powders

The fact the LED lamp is USB operated is a drawback as you then need to be close to a USB socket while doing your nails. I have not seen an AC/DC power lead advertised on their website, so I would assume USB is the only way to connect the lamp.

Hot water for varnishes? Yes, I’ve read from other users that putting your base coat and topcoat varnish in hot water makes them less glupey and much easier to apply.

Fingernail with metallic nail powder collected at the cuticle. Sistaco Nail Set - The Solution For People With Dexterity Issues?  I Put It To The Test!

Preparing your nails is probably the most important part of the process as I found out the hard way. I dived straight in and found the powders are attracted to any kind of lump, bump or blemishes on your nails.  I would recommend buffing/smoothing your nails and more importantly making sure your cuticles are clean & smooth around your nails as this will cause the powder to collect in this area making for a rough & unfinished look. (Image right).

I visited the Sistaco Facebook page looking for tips as I found the base coat and topcoat to be very thick & glupey. This makes it difficult to keep the sides of your fingers clean. So once cured under the lamp, you can have excess hardened powder coming off the sides of your nails. Again, making for an unfinished look.

Sistaco users suggest warming up the base coat and topcoat before using. I read this helps thin the liquid so it is easier to apply a thinner coat onto your nails. Something I have to agree with 100%, this does in fact make applying much easier indeed.


When you open the jars, the powders look very lush indeed. Rich colours, a full bottle of powder. (Although on a future purchase, one bottle was only half full?). Applying the powder to your nail is easy but be careful not to rub or press too hard as this can then make the powder ball up and create blemishes.

I haven’t yet found how to clean my applicators, I’m in the process of researching this.


As I said previously I didn’t really prepare my nails before applying, so I went ahead and immediately put on the base coat nail varnish, followed immediately by the topcoat (as you’re told to do this for longer wear). I then cured my nails under the LED lamp for 60 seconds. Once I had done this I took my applicator with the sponge tip, dipped it into the powder of my choice and put on a minimal amount of powder on the applicator and proceeded to rub it onto my nail.

The powder went on smoothly, although at this point I wasn’t expecting much to happen but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Next was a coat of topcoat, then cured under the lamp. I applied a second coat of nail powder and this time I did 2 coats of topcoat nail varnish, curing my nails between both coats.

My Process

  1.  Base coat
  2. Top coat
  3. Cure nails under lamp
  4. Nail powder
  5. Top coat
  6. Cure nails
  7. Coat of nail powder
  8. Top coat
  9. Cure nails
  10. Top coat
  11. Cure nails twice under the lamp
My 1st attempt at applying Sistaco nail powders.  Sistaco Nail Set - The Solution For People With Dexterity Issues?  I Put It To The Test!

I was not initially over-impressed with the results (yes, I know I keep banging on about it) but because I didn’t prepare my nails the powder is quite unforgiving where any sort of blemishes might be on your nail. Therefore, the cleanup process around my nails took some time using a wooden cuticle (orange stick) to try and scrape away the excess powder/varnish.

I’m still in the very early stages of using this kit and I have read that a lot of people initially, find it is a bit of a trial and error method in finding what works best for you. There are a couple of different ways to clean the edges so really it’s a personal choice and finding what works best for you you.

I’m hoping my 2nd attempt will be much better!

Due to not preparing my nails, I ended up with the only way I can describe it is an overhang on my nail. (Excess undercoat and powder that had hardened past the point of the edge of my nail). I happen to catch this and it peeled off my nail. In one respect I was pleased because it gave me the perfect excuse to take everything off and try again but on the same token, I was disappointed as I had made such a hash of my first attempt.

Second Attempt

So, the first thing I had to do was use the express remover to take off the existing nail powder already on my nails. As I mentioned before a lot of people said this didn’t seem to work very well. I can understand what they mean, especially if you’re an impatient person like me. The word here would be patience, patience, patience! OK, that was 3 words!

The express remover does work, it just takes time. You do have to put a coat on, leave your nails for approximately 3 to 5 minutes and then start to gently scrape off the varnish/powder from your nail.

Depending on how many coats of varnish/powder you have put on your nails, this will obviously determine how easy or long it will take to remove! I noticed some of my nails were much easier and quicker to remove compared to other nails that took more work.

Preparation For 2nd Attempt
Buffer block for nails

At this point, I had both the base coat and topcoat sitting in a tub of hot water as I was now testing the thinning theory to see if it did actually make the varnish easier to apply. Yes, it worked a treat and it most certainly helped the varnish go on much more thinly and smoothly.

I cleaned my nails with a normal wet wipe,  I then used a nail buffer block to file, shape, smooth, and buff my nails. Again I cleaned my nails to remove any excess nail shavings from buffing and then put on my first coat of base coat.

2nd Application

My setup was pretty much the same as my first attempt but the only difference was a tub of hot water for my base & topcoat to sit in. I applied the base coat, no topcoat, as per the instructions for classic powder finish you just put on a base coat followed by the powder. Curing your nail/s before applying the powder.

I took my time this time, (holding my excitement back) and did each nail individually, purely due to my dexterity and the way my hands are shaped. I can’t keep my fingers separated enough to prevent one finger from hitting another fingernail and causing smudges in the varnish/powder.

Not only that I wanted to spend more time cleaning around my fingernails preferably without having to use vaseline around the edges as suggested by other users or messing around with liquid latex. I simply resorted back to my wooden cuticle stick and every time I put a coat of base coat or topcoat on my nail, before curing I would take the cuticle stick, use the flat-ended side to gently remove excess varnish down each side of my finger. As the varnish was still wet, this worked beautifully!!

When applying the powder, very little pressure is needed to make the powder stick to your nail. This is great for people like myself who don’t have a good grip. Also, there really is minimal fallout, just make sure to tap excess powder off the applicator over the powder bottle.

Again, due to my dexterity, I am unable to lay my hands/fingers flat under the lamp. The fact it is small enough to hold over my nails, I can cure my nails without having to lay them flat on the table. (Something I struggle with at nail bars).

My Process This Time:
My second attempt at applying Sistaco nail powder in Aqua.
  1. Base coat
  2. Use a cuticle stick to remove excess varnish
  3. Cure nail
  4. Powder
  5. Use a cuticle stick/make-up brush to remove excess powder away from my nail
  6. Top coat
  7. Use a cuticle stick to remove excess varnish
  8. Cure nail
  9. The second coat of powder
  10. Use a cuticle stick to remove excess powder away from my nail
  11. Top coat
  12. Use the cuticle stick to remove excess varnish
  13. Cure nail twice
  14. Wiped nails/fingers clean of any excess with a wet wipe

Warning – When using the topcoat remember to clean the brush BEFORE putting it back into the bottle. The powder can/will transfer onto the brush, so when you put the brush back into the bottle the colour transfers into the remaining liquid in the bottle. I found this out the hard way. (Sometimes you can get away with it on the lighter colours).

Application Instructions

According to Sistaco, here are the instructions for application according to powder finish:

For Classic colours, you’ll have to do, Base coat > set > Colour Powder > Base coat > set > Colour powder > Top coat > set.

For Holo/Metallic, it is Base coat > Top Coat > set > colour powder > Base coat > Top Coat > set colour powder > Top Coat > set.


I’m extremely impressed with the result I got this time and can’t believe how easy it is to apply. I don’t know if it made a difference but once I had completed doing each nail, I put on an extra coat of topcoat varnish. I hoped this would give a little extra shine and I cured them all twice.

One thing I will say (at this point not 100% sure). I think the sponge applicator can cause little blemishes (almost like specks of sponge) over the nail when applying/rubbing on the powder. This then becomes quite obvious if missed and the topcoat has been applied and cured. Either that or the powder is balling up while rubbing the powder on. Something I can not test immediately and will only tell after a few applications. I intend to purchase some eyeshadow brushes (the sponge type) to test out. (So I have applied the powders a couple of times now and found I was rubbing the powder too hard and too long).

Due to my disability/dexterity, I have to do one nail at a time. The powder is so easy to do, you don’t mind. I did one nail at a time so I can spend time making sure each nail/finger is cleaned properly so no extra powder is around my nail.


I have used this nail system several times now. I love how easy it is to use and with over 100 colours to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice. Be careful though, it does become addictive. After putting on my first colour, I couldn’t wait to try the other colours lol. I now have over 20 colours.

As for using this system with my disability, this is extremely easy for me to use. One of the first companies to make doing my own nails work for me. The only issue I have is trying to remove the powder/varnish from my right hand. My grip is so weak on my left, that I can not use a tool of any kind to help scrape off the powder after applying the express remover.

On my last few fingers, hubby does it for me. I have tried putting on a small amount, large amounts of the remover, tried removing it after a minute, 5 minutes but it just won’t budge as easily as I had hoped for.

Unfortunately, (for us customers) I do believe the majority of their products/powders etc. are very overpriced, outside of their powders & varnish, very good alternatives that are identical can be found elsewhere online for far cheaper and I don’t have to wait over 2 weeks for them to arrive. Worth bearing this in mind when choosing what to purchase.

I now have over 20 colours and I’ve just ordered more topcoat, basecoat, remover and applicators. So, that means I have spent well over £400 already. (This does not include the money spent on powders for my Christmas pressie or all the varnishes & applicators bought since starting this review).


  • Easy to use
  • Many colour choices – Over 100 available
  • Colours look better in real life
  • Last longer than traditional nail varnish – Varnish easy to chip
  • Looks just as good as a salon finish – A high-gloss finish
  • 3D embellishments now available – Not available when I started this review
  • 5 /10 pack applicators now available – Not available when I started this review
  • Precision Edge is now available – Not available when I started this review


  • Products come from Australia – Delivery is normally 2 weeks +
  • Overpriced – Their showcase stand for one, is overpriced for home use
  • Addictive – Can become very expensive
  • One applicator with £99 kit – At least three should be supplied
  • 3 -in -1 applicator for removing powder must be bought separately – You are not getting a FULL kit, even the top of the range kit at £99 doesn’t include one
  • Express Remover does not work as well as advertised on their website


  • Check online for equivalent items before committing to Sistaco as cheaper and similar products can be found
  • One coat of powder may not be enough – Mulberry – classic finish came up a little pale. It didn’t give much coverage at the tips of my nails, making them almost see-through
  • When applying the base coat and topcoat, keep them in a pot of hot water – This makes them go on easier and smoother
  • Keep your top coat varnish brush clean – Colour can remain on the brush and transfer into the remaining varnish
  • Wooden cuticle (orange) sticks are great for removing excess varnish around nails
  • A small-headed make-up brush (not too fluffy) is good at removing excess powder from around your nails before applying topcoat
  • If you purchase “Raven” powder, a black colour, be very careful as I have found this to be the messiest of powders so far when applying and it is a bugger to get off

Will I Continue To Use Sistaco

Try and stop me ha ha ha Yes, I will need to spend money on their powders and Varnishes but for everything else, I will look for a happy alternative before purchasing on Sistaco’s website.


Sistaco Main Site –

Sistaco Nail Powders –

Essentials/Refills –

How To Apply –

Classic Nail Tutorial –

Ombre Tutorial –

French Tip Tutorial –

3D Embellishments –

***UPDATE 23/8/22***

I’m saddened to say that I am having issues with Sistaco as a company. This is a real shame as this has let the company down.

My husband bought me two colours for my birthday (Emerald City & Satin). Satin is advertised on Sistaco’s website as white colour. Unfortunately, mine comes out silver!

Facebook Messenger Conversation

I wanted to post on their Facebook group to ask other users if they had the same problem. My post was not published and Sistaco contacted me privately:

Sistaco (blue text): Hi Carrie, hope you are well. We got your enquiry on Sistaco Collective and we would love to assist. Do you have a photo of your nail application using Satin? and can you tell us the steps you’ve followed? ?

Me (pink text): Hi, I’ve taken 2 pictures. (I sent them the one shown on the right) You can see it doesn’t look the lovely white colour shown on your website.

My procedure was: I put the satin on first on clean dry nails. I then put on the base coat, cured, then powder, then top coat, then cured again.

I found the colour to get very dull once I put the top coat on though.

Thank you

Two days passed and no response.

Hi, Any reason my post has not been approved regarding my satin powder? No one has responded either to the above???? Really would like to know why my satin is coming out silver.

Three days later:

Hi Carrie, thanks for your message. We are happy to forward this enquiry to our team so we can properly asssess. ❤️

(Notice no comment on why my post was rejected!)

If you wouldn’t mind please as I have a colour not as you advertised. Thank you.

Satin is our classic white colour and it doesn’t have shimmer to it. What you can do is to ensure to only apply thin coats for each application. Hope it helps. ?

Hi, thanks for your reply. I do this already, so can’t be the issue. (Would a thin or thick layer really change the colour of your powders?) I’ve not noticed this with my many other colours. I do find the colour deepens if a 2nd coat of powder I put on but that is all. I’ve looked at your group and seen many others who have used Satin and they all look lovely and white.

Could it not be a simple case that my one is faulty in some way?

A further 10 days with no response, so today, I wrote again:

Hi, Is there a reason no one wants to rectify my issue/complaint? I’m still stuck with a powder that is not the colour advertised. Any solutions? Like maybe a replacement? Thanks.

Hi Carrie, thank you for your message. Can you kindly send us video applying Satin on one nail? ?

I’ve already sent an image of the satin that I applied and a description of how I applied the Satin, why now a video?

I’e been using your powders for almost a year without any issues. I feel like this is a delay tactic now.

I just want this resolved!

They WANT ME TO WHAT!!! So basically, they don’t believe the image I already sent them, nor the description of how I applied the powder? Disgusting behaviour! I’ve been using their product for almost a year, I think I know what I’m doing. I’ve had no issues up to this point.

What Sistaco DON’T Want You To Know

In the 10 months since posting this review, I’ve come across a couple of flaws with the company:

  1. Sisto will NEVER allow any posts on their FB group if it contains any sort of negative comment. Whether that be someone having a problem with the product or if I wanted to post about the express remover (below). Your post WILL be rejected! Their group is nothing but positivity and glowing comments about Sistaco. This gives a false impression to customers, leading them to believe this product is almost a miracle powder. Don’t get me wrong, their product is almost amazing, they don’t NEED to manipulate the comments on their FB group. (Unless of course many are complaining and finding faults).
  2. Their website says nothing about their products having to come from Australia, you are led to believe they have a UK distributor (which clearly they don’t).
  3. I’ve just received some bottles of their express remover……..I will let the picture speak on this occasion:

Half-filled bottles???? No wonder you go through them quickly. Oh and the other thing, once the bottle is open, the brush doesn’t/can’t reach the bottom so you are wasting so much product!! You receive this large heavy square bottle believing it is a decent amount of remover.

You can see there is a bottle inside a bottle and the inside bottle is a fraction of the main bottle size. I’ve tried to capture how there is a bottle inside a bottle. So at £6.95 (price correct at the time of this update) a bottle, you’re not really getting much when you have to use so much to remove your powder.


As things stand right now, it’s taken two & a half weeks to get to this point and obviously, I’ve not had a response back since my last message, so no resolution as yet. If and when that changes, I will follow up with what happened.


Sistaco insists they want me to show them a video. So I did and sent it off today (Sunday) so obviously not expecting a reply. If I do, it will probably be mid-week before I get one and we know they are going to insist nothing is wrong. I had to put three coats on as there were streaks with just two and it still doesn’t look smooth.

Hi Caroline,

Thank you for reaching out to us. 
I can confirm the receipt of the photo but there is no video attached in the email. 
Your nail application is looking perfect. We do our best to make sure that the colours are represented as accurately as possible on our website however, the colour may still vary depending on the calibration of your screen/monitor. Please refer to our FAQs about Colour Representation. 
Hope this information helps.
Kind regards,

My Reply

I sent two emails, one with the video and one with an image as they would not fit into one email.  I’ve found another way to send you the video. 
So, you’re telling me you’re not going to do anything about my issue?  This is very bad customer service.  

As I have previously explained, I’ve been using your products for over a year and I have never had issues with your powders before, to have been treated in the way that I have been to date, is really quite shocking and unprofessional.  I have been fobbed off, made feel like a liar and most definitely not a valued customer!  
You say:  “the colour may still vary depending on the calibration of your screen/monitor”.  I am including more images taken after the video to show how the colour is still showing to be not as advertised or even close to it.  I have also read your “colour representation” and other FAQ and you seem to wash your hand of all issues your customers may ever encounter.  

Your T&C say “Any defects will be replaced as long as we have reasonable evidence such as a photo sent by email to [email protected].”  This I have done, again the fact many others have said this powder looks Silver is still not enough for you.  

Unfortunately, I’m beginning to see behaviour from Sistaco that to me is somewhat underhand and secretive:
  • You’re website advertise/claim that Sistaco is not responsible for 90% of issues that may arise (your defence would not stand up in a UK court of law)
  • You have a website but fail to make customers aware your products are shipped for Australia or that you are an Australian company.
  • Express Remover is packaged in a heavy-painted square bottle, giving customers the illusion they are getting a decent amount of product when in reality there is another bottle inside that is a fraction of the size.
  • You block comments from your Facebook page that is not complimentary therefore manipulating the image of Sistaco products as a whole! 

With the price you charge for your products, one would expect customer service to be second to none and receive better treatment when coming to you with a genuine issue.

We are talking about ONE powder that may or may not be faulty and as a company, you blankly refuse to take responsibility!  As a result of this, you have now created a situation where you have an unhappy customer who will be taking the matter further.  Whereas, if you had simply offered to replace this powder, you would have had a very happy customer who would have blown your trumpet and complimented Sistaco.  

As you are unwilling to satisfactorily resolve my complaint, you leave me no other choice but to take this matter further.  I will be contacting the Queensland Government’s Office of Fair Trading in due course with my concerns.
Kind Regards

Image Comparison
My result V Sistaco’s

Hi Caroline, 
Thank you for your response and I am happy to assist with your enquiries. 
Sistaco operates with local websites as this allows us to segment our audience and marketing.  We also sell in a currency that is local to the region and provide information that may only concern that market; such as our Terms and Conditions that may vary from country to country, depending on different regulatory requirements.​
The packaging on our liquids such the Express Remover are intended that way as they are light sensitive and they will set in UV rays.
We’ve also set up group guidelines in our group so we can better assist you our customers. This can be found in the About section of the page. 

As I have checked, I am an unable to confirm the colour Satin powder on your orders. Can you kindly confirm the order number for this and can you kindly check the name of the colour powder at the bottom of the pot?​
Kind regards,

My Reply

I did show the colour when submitting my video of the application that Sistaco requested, I’m not trying to pull a fast one here you know.  I really am getting fed up with all of Sistaco’s requests.  Why was I not asked for all of this at the beginning?  Is it because Sistaco keeps coming up with new ways to fob me off in the hope I will just give up!
To answer your question.  I received both Satin & Emerald City as a present from my husband.  Order no:  K30035  Name Jeff Bathurst, 300 Summerwood Road, Isleworth, London, TW7 7QP
This is extremely bad customer service!!
Kind Regards

Hi Caroline,​
Thank you for confirming your order and yes I can see Satin on the order thus I have reached out to our team for further advise. ​
As I have checked, the photo from our website is applied with our Matte Top Coat, this gives a different effect and finish against applying it with the gloss finish.
With this, I have created a photo comparison for you with our Satin gloss finished application on our website in which you got the correct colour. Satin definitely gives this glistening white when applied in gloss as opposed to a flat finish when applied with the matte top coat. 🙂 

Currently, our Matte Top Coat is sold out and hopefully it will be back soon. ?
​Hope this information helps and let me know if you have any questions. 
Kind regards,

Does my application (middle image) look anything like the other 2 that Sistaco supplied? I don’t believe so.

My reply – 6/9/22

So basically, you’re telling me you have advertised a product showing a particular finish but fail to inform customers that that different finish will result in a different look than advertised and to achieve the result advertised, I now must spend more money on purchasing a matt finish top coat????  How about you just issue a refund as I bought this item under false pretences and misleading information.

So ALL your customers instinctively know this do they?  Again, not being as transparent as you could be!  By not informing your customers of this, this is a form of misleading them, something you seem to do very often.

So why is Sistaco NOT resolving my complaint???

Thank you for that information as now I need to update my review of your product on my website to include this, to make sure all my readers know that different top coats can change how an advertised product can look.  Wow, we are buying a mystery product every time then!!
I have to say, 10/10 for fobbing off a customer and taking the longest time ever to still not resolve my complaint over ONE powder that Sistaco have misleadingly advertised.

I have to say though, you have made my case to Queensland Trading Standards even stronger.  Yes, I do know what I’m talking about as I fight consumer law cases regularly!!!!

Reading their T&C you can see they basically say they are NOT responsible for ANYTHING that a customer may have to complain about. That’s ok, I’ll inform the Brisbane Trading standards of their behaviour and bottles etc.

Still waiting for a response!

It looks like Sistaco really does not care about its customers. Their attitude is very similar to the fake companies you find on Facebook when you try to rectify a problem with them. Complete disregard for the fact they have an issue and fob you off until you just go away.

I will email Queensland Trading Standards but if they are anything like here, they’ll just fob you off too!

I do love this product (90% of the time) if only their cust serv was better, this would make Sistaco probably one of the best companies around.

So, literally a month down the road I still had no reply. I emailed them informing them, that as they were unable to give a satisfactory resolution to my complaint, I would now be taking the matter further.

I got a reply informing me they have given me a credit for the cost of one powder (presumably £14) and to use the code they gave me the next time I purchase with them. Not the resolution I wanted as now I have to still spend money with their company to benefit my credit!


Sistaco hasn’t given me the resolution I had hoped for but I suppose I have no choice as things stand. I will say this though, it is worth noting I didn’t give up, I kept on at them and finally got a result. Sistaco di try to get me to give up but it didn’t work. I will still contact Trading Standards as I do believe Sistaco operate without full disclosure on many different aspects of their business. They have been very bad at customer service:

  • They drag their feet in responding, sometimes more than a week
  • Fob you off with any and all excuses they can think of
  • Advertise powders in different finishes but fail to explain this will result in a different outcome to what is advertised (as they don’t inform the customer as to what finish they have used – (either matt/gloss) in the image used on their website). Therefore, misleading the customer!

Unfortunately, this treatment has tainted my opinion of their product and especially their company! I would always tell people of Sistaco whenever anyone commented on my nails. Now? Not likely, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for anyone having issues with Sistaco.

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