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Tesco Mobile – Manager using cheap tricks!!

My mobile phone contract is up with Tesco Mobile, so like the majority of us, I looked around for the best deal. I had my eye on a particular phone but not overly bothered if it turned out to be too expensive and I had to take a Sim only plan, as my phone at present is more than adequate.

I found a deal with Sky which was actually a great deal. So I visited my local Tesco Mobile store to check out the size and feel of the Huawei P20 Pro. Due to my hands and the poor dexterity I have, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a phone that was going to be too big for me to hold and operate. While looking at the phone, the manager (or at least who I assume was the manager) came over to offer assistance. I said I was ok and just looking. I commented that their deal wasn’t as good as the deal Sky was offering. He wanted to know more, so I explained the deal. He said, “ah yes, that price won’t include VAT”. I thought how strange as I saw nothing on the deal to suggest this. So when I got home, I checked the deal again and couldn’t see anything. To make sure I had all the facts before deciding if I would go with this deal, I phoned Sky. I was right, the price did indeed include VAT. So was this a sales tactic by the manager?

So now I needed to know the exact end date of my contract with Tesco and I needed my PAK code, as I would like to keep my number. So While in my local Tesco, I popped into the mobile section to ask these questions. The same manager was there. I told him the deal did, in fact, include VAT. He replied, “On the 24 Swap deal if you don’t swap your phone at 24 months for a new phone, you then have to pay the remaining balance owing on the phone”. He went on to say how a member of his family used to work for Sky so new the plan. Well, I was horrified at the prospect of having to pay a lump sum at 24 months into my contract, as I had just signed up to the deal the night before. I rushed home extremely worried that I would have a huge lump sum to pay. So once again, on the phone to Sky. Once again, what the Manager at Tesco Mobile told me was untrue!!

Pretty disgusting behaviour for a so-called professional! All he achieved was to make sure I never deal with Tesco Mobile again. Lost any trust I had for them!! Was it jealousy? A cheap trick to get me to stay with Tesco? I suppose I will never know.

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