Victoria Secrets logo asking if 24 inch waist is plus size?

When does a waist size 24″ become “Plus Size”? When Victoria Secrets says so!!

Supposedly, Victoria Secrets believe a 24″ waist is a plus-size – Barbara Palvin has a waist size of 24″ and social media has gone mad complaining that VS believe her to be a plus-size model? Is it just me or is this a very frightening situation? If true, what message is this sending to our children, how does this affect people who already struggle with their weight? Should the fashion industry take more responsibility?

Angry With The Fashion Industry

Victoria Secrets says 24" waist is a plus-size - Barbara Palvin - Victoria Secrets new angel with 24 inch waist

I have struggled with my weight most of my life due to my disability, more so, since becoming a full-time wheelchair user over 15 years ago. When shopping for clothes or nice underwear, I don’t want to be made to feel ashamed of my weight or body shape, simply because the fashion industry tells me I am not what is deemed pretty, or the correct size.

When fashion companies come along and tell me that a woman who has a 24″ waist is “plus-size”, I get very angry and feel extremely let down by that company. I walk away from that company, rather than be enticed to spend my money on their products.

(source: Barbara Palvin model profile).

Who gives them the right to tell us (consumers) what is deemed beautiful? I always believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder! We all have our own idea of what beauty is and the fashion industry is trying to make beauty tunnel-visioned!! The fashion industry should be the one place that is inclusive to ALL, not discriminatory and negative! After all, EVERY single person in the world wears clothes, so why exclude potential customers because of weight, size or anything else?

The fashion industry has the power to change perceptions about beauty. It has the power to show that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way…….Remember “United Colours of Benetton”?

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During the mid-90s and early noughties, United Colors of Benetton was arguably one of the world’s most recognisable fashion brands. Both famous and infamous, the striking visuals of their adverts (at times entirely bereft of any reference to their products), political posturing and diverse roster of models made them influential in both fashion and pop culture.

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This shows just how powerful the fashion industry can be when it wants to be!

24 Inch Waist Is What??

Can you imagine, you’re a 25-year-old model, you spend every day working extremely hard to keep your body in great shape. You get your dream job and then you are advertised to the world as “plus-size”? Allegedly, that’s exactly what Victoria Secrets have done to Barbara Palvin. It’s alleged they have claimed Barbara Palvin is their first “plus-size” model.

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Barbara Palvin might have recently received coveted Victoria’s Secret angel status, but already her new gig is attracting some controversy. Says Elle Australia. But a Facebook post sharing the news has received mass criticism for labelling Palvin “the first plus size Victoria’s Secret angel”.

The post, on the ‘Superficial Doll’ Facebook group, attracted more than 16,000 comments, with many followers wondering what exactly constituted “plus-size” in the VS realm given Palvin was nowhere near a typical plus-size model’s measurements.

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“If she is plus size I’m truck size,” one commentator joked.


If that isn’t bad enough, this tells anyone with a waist size greater than 24 inches that they are FAT!!!! Un-bloody-believable!! Any company that I feel are dictating to me what I should wear, look like, behave like, etc. I am much more likely to walk away from that company than spend my money with them.

When you are telling me that 24″ waist is plus-size, then I’m horrified. I won’t spend my money with a company that makes me feel like I’m enormous. Why would they deserve my money over a company that supplies lovely clothing for the larger lady? Just not logical to me.

I’ve contacted VS for their opinion (waiting on their response, I doubt they will respond), I will keep on until I get a response though. We deserve to know their thoughts on this matter, don’t we?

No-one, especially a company that makes money from fashion has the right or authority to decide what is/isn’t beautiful and push that idea onto consumers, certainly, NOT VS.

The Damage

Many years ago when my weight was at its all-time high, we had booked a holiday, I needed a couple of evening dresses, so I searched and searched. Could I find any dresses that were in my size? Not bloody likely and if I did, they looked like sacks or rags.

I became so depressed, I felt enormous, undervalued as a person. The fashion industry made me feel so low about my body shape/size, I actually considered not going on my holiday.

I also have a 16-year-old daughter who is aware of her appearance and wants to look good. She is what I would class as on the thinner side wearing size 8-10 clothing. When companies advertise skinny women claiming them to be the “perfect size/physique” I am mortified.

My daughter already says she is fat and these images are doing nothing to help her feel confidant about her appearance! There is enough body shaming on social media as it is, the fashion industry should be addressing this rather than adding to it!!

I am furious at how the fashion industry is so behind the times. People are not all one size like the fashion industry models, people are not ALL under a 24-inch size waist. You have tall people, short people, disabled people, young people, old people etc. etc.

I am shocked at how bad buying clothes is right now. You shop for a particular size, in one shop that size is too big, another shop, that size is too small….What the hell is going on?? Surely, a size 16 skirt should fit the same wherever it is purchased from? The fashion industry is cheating its customers!!

Why won’t the fashion industry pull itself into the 21st century and adopt an ALL-INCLUSIVE industry suitable for the very people they want as customers?? It makes no business sense to me. Yes, I know each company want their own style/brand but they could be doing a lot more!

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