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You might be thinking what on earth does a bra have to do with a disability review.  Well, for those of you that suffer with any kind of back problems, you know only too well the struggle it is, to find a comfortable fitting bra.  I have found a great bra and wanted to share my find.

Ivory lace bridal bra with strapsDue to my Scoliosis and the way I sit in my wheelchair, I found that my bras were starting to roll.  This caused me great pain around my back across my shoulder blades as my bra strap became like a wire around my back.  So obviously, I didn’t want to go around without wearing a bra, so this meant I needed to look for a new bra.  I would need to look for a completely new style from my usual.  I had used Debenhams bra fitting service in the past and found them pretty useless and many other people I have spoken to have said the same, so that was out.  So rather than use their bra fitting service, I decided to take 5 different bras and just try them on and see what worked.

You would not believe the difference in these bras when it came to sizing.  I got 2 bras, the same size each but boy they were miles apart.  One I could do up and the other wouldn’t even meet at the back.  How is a person to know what size clothing they are for the future?  (Probably best to answer that another time).

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I tried on approx 7 different bras and settled on this one.  Debenhams  Gorgeous Ivory lace underwired padded balcony strapless Bra 

I loved this bra due to the little bones in the back.  This actually prevents the bra from rolling up on itself and cutting into my back.  It’s not a cheap bra, so only bought the one for now. Back of strapless bra showing bones to prevent bra rolling

This bra is underwired and padded.  This gives great support to us fuller ladies.  I found with a lot of bras, my straps would cut down into my shoulders.  This bra doesn’t seem to do that as the cups of the bra feel much firmer.  The cups feel quite stiff but comfy.  It says it’s to be hand washed, so maybe the cups will soften after a few washes.  Personally, this is what I love about the bra so I’m hoping this wont happen.  As the name suggests, this can be worn as a strapless bra.  The bra also has two settings so to speak where the straps can be hooked onto the bra cups and the strap at the back.  I haven’t tried but I think the straps could be worn in different ways, for example a halter neck.

I think this bra is meant as bridal wear but hey, if it works, who cares 🙂  It’s very pretty and I have to say it is extremely comfortable to wear and if I dare say it, makes you feel a little bit sexy and what woman doesn’t want to feel sexy in the clothes she wears?

Before buying another one of these, I want to look elsewhere to see what’s around and of course, the prices.  If I find another one, I will let you know.  

I hope this review has helped you, if you have experienced similar problems, or even bought this bra, please share your opinion in the comments below.

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