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As you know, I volunteer for a couple of different charities.  I have been asked in the past to write for Disability Horizons.  I have written a couple of articles about different subjects, including parenting with a disability and why society believes disabled people shouldn’t have sex?  I was also the first guest/woman to be on the panel on DHTV (Disability Horizon’s TV online) where we discussed the taboo subject of disability & sex, (see below).  How cool is that!!

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I’m on the panel at the 26th November 2021 event (disabled people can be good parents).  Come along and join me.

DHTV - Sex & Disability

Today, Monday (3rd May) the first @DHorizons  TV episode has gone live.

Below, you can watch the first episode where I am joined by Mik Scarlet @MikScarlet Dan White @Danwhite1972 & Zec Richardson @SatonmyButt  to talk about sex, body image and disability representation. We had a blast & laughed a lot!

Sex & Disability should NOT be taboo, our first DHTV is now LIVE:

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British Travel Awards 2020

I have been nominated for the Best Newcomer in the British Travel Awards 2020 category.  Wow what a surprise that was.

Not sure when the winner will be announced but of course, I will let you know as soon as I know.

Award top15 UK blogger

Top 15 UK Disability Blogger 2020

Feedspot is a website/blog that tracks thousands of disability websites in the UK.

I am currently featured in the list of Top 15 UK Disability Bloggers for 2020.

For more information on other disability blogs, please follow the link:

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I am in the process of writing a book called Wheely Lots of Fun’ about having a sex life as a wheelchair user. I feel that this is, in particular, an area where disabled people are not represented at all.

Childbirth was not something that was ever mentioned by my hospital specialist or parents, or whether my disability would affect my ability to have children, or any children I had.