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Media & PR

I volunteer for a couple of different charities.  I have been asked in the past to write for Disability Horizons.  I have written a couple of articles about different subjects, including parenting with a disability and why society believes disabled people shouldn’t have sex?  I was also the first guest/woman to be on the panel on DHTV (Disability Horizon’s TV online) where we discussed the taboo subject of disability & sex, (see below).  Pretty cool!!

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CTN: How accessible is cruising?

I was asked to contribute to the Cruise Trade News article regarding how accessible are cruise holidays.

In my opinion, cruising as a full-time wheelchair user is by far the easiest way to holiday in comparison to flying out to a destination.

DHTV - Sex & Disability

Today, Monday (3rd May) the first @DHorizons  TV episode has gone live.

Below, you can watch the first episode where I am joined by Mik Scarlet @MikScarlet Dan White @Danwhite1972 & Zec Richardson @SatonmyButt  to talk about sex, body image and disability representation. We had a blast & laughed a lot!

Sex & Disability should NOT be taboo, our first DHTV is now LIVE:

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I was invited to join a panel discussion on the topic of affirming that individuals with disabilities can excel as parents.

Top 15 UK Disability Blogger 2020

Feedspot is a website/blog that tracks thousands of disability websites in the UK.

I am currently featured in the list of Top 15 UK Disability Bloggers for 2020.

For more information on other disability blogs, please follow the link:

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BBC Radio Wales Interview

I was asked to take part in an interview regarding a new scheme being brought to the government.  The scheme would be a rating system, similar to the food rating scheme, where businesses are given a rating of how accessible they are.

I took part as I felt this was a very good idea and would make life easier for disabled people when choosing places to visit.

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I am in the process of writing a book called Wheely Lots of Fun’ about having a sex life as a wheelchair user. I feel that this is, in particular, an area where disabled people are not represented at all.

British Travel Awards 2020

I have been nominated for the Best Newcomer in the British Travel Awards 2020 category.  Wow what a surprise that was.

Not sure when the winner will be announced but of course, I will let you know as soon as I know.

Childbirth was not something that was ever mentioned by my hospital specialist or parents, or whether my disability would affect my ability to have children, or any children I had.

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If you have a subject you would like me to blog about or any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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