Instagram logo - Instagram ignores plea to be accessible for disabled users!

Instagram ignores pleas to be accessible to all!

My disability makes using a mobile phone difficult, so when a company has several versions of their app, (meaning computer, tablet and phone) but only has certain features available on the mobile version, it frustrates me!!  I want to be able to use their product but due to inaccessibility, this is not possible.  What frustrates me even more, is when you try to contact the company in question to explain your issue, they just blank you!!

For example, Instagram. To be able to upload pictures to your account, you have to be using the mobile version.  There is nowhere that I can find to be able to do this on the PC version.  

Trying to find the contact us on their website is impossible. I’ve tried contacting Instagram via Twitter but seemingly I’ve faced a brick wall. So now I must look for other avenues, I feel this will not be an easy task, after all, I don’t want to come across as someone who is hounding Instagram.  (Not yet anyway).

Something as important AND the main purpose of Instagram “uploading images”, you would expect to find this on all platforms. Not just mobile/tablet. So why is this the case? Your guess is as good as mine! Yes, the mobile version is an app (not my area of expertise) but the desktop version sure looks like a website to me. Therefore, why can the website not be fully accessible and inclusive.

I will keep you up-to-date!!

UPDATE  21/7/18

It would seem Instagram doesn’t like my tweets saying they are ignoring my pleas to be more inclusive for disabled people.  Every time I post this image in my tweet with @instagram:

Instagram logo - text - Instagram ignores pleas to be accessible for disabled users!

It doesn’t show up on my profile page, feed page or any of my followers feed.  Yes, I have had this confirmed by one of my followers.  So, have Instagram found a way to have my tweets blocked?  Is it a glitch….(3 times over) I posted it 3 times and none are showing up??  I don’t know enough about Twitter to know if this is possible but by god, how sneaky it would be of them if this is what they have done……..Mind you, they are a Facebook company, so I suppose anything is possible hey!

Now, let’s be clear here, all my other tweets are showing up, just the ones where I @Instagram in my tweets, I have just put this to the test.  So this would suggest they have seen my post about not being accessible and this is their response…..Lovely!!!  Think it’s time to take the matter further now.

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