Bladder and bowel's just can't wait card for when you need to use the toilet urgently

How Just Can’t Wait Cards Assist Urgent Toilet Access

How Just Can’t-Wait Cards Assist Urgent Toilet Access – Needing the toilet urgently due to a medical condition is something that sets my anxiety sky-high when out and about. I suffer from IBS and to know that I could at a moment’s notice need the toilet urgently is the main reason I mostly stay at home!

Recently, I have seen some posts on social media where people have tried to use their “Just Can’t Wait Cards” and been told their cards look fake or have never heard of them. I hope this blog helps bring light to the fact these cards are not fake and are given out by reputable companies and health authorities.

What Is A Just Can’t Wait Card?

According to

Our ‘Can’t-Wait’ card is available to help you gain access to toilet facilities when you need them most.  Simply present your card in public places or stores and ask if you can use their toilet.  The same size as a bank card, the ‘Can’t-Wait’ card can be hidden discreetly in your wallet or purse and can be produced quickly when you are needing access.

Whilst the card is not guaranteed to give you access to toilets, the cards are widely accepted and acknowledged.

For those of us who suffer from medical conditions that cause us to need a toilet urgently and unexpectedly. This could be a life changer as we all know how this can affect our anxiety and mental health. Having a just can’t wait card could aid us in accessing a toilet when we are in this situation.

How To Use The Just Can’t Wait Card

Just can't wait card from Bladder & Bowel UK

These cards are available as a download to your phone (normally free) or as a physical card the size of a credit card (normally a fee is attached). When the need arises, you simply produce your card at cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues and other businesses. Please remember, at present, these cards DO NOT guarantee you access to a toilet.

Where Can I Get One?

I have found the following places that offer a “Just Can’t Wait Card”:

Crohn’s & Colitis UK

Bladder & Bowel Community

Bladder & Bowel UK

The IBS Network

Age UK

Going On Holiday?

The IBS Network also produced an international TRAVEL card containing 12 translations of the ‘Can’t-Wait’ message, which can be used to find a loo in countries from Germany to Japan. Perfect for travelling or taking on your holiday! Be sure to pack yours this summer.

12 just can't wait in other languages.

They also sell Rady Keys:

Under the National Key Scheme (NKS), Radar keys have been produced for disabled individuals to gain access to locked public toilets across the country.

The keys are extremely useful for urgent access to toilet facilities and are a great source of independence. 

The lock will clearly display the initials RADAR National Key Scheme

These locked toilets are situated in a wide range of locations including train stations, shopping centers, pubs, cafes, and stores nationwide, and with a toilet finder app, make finding toilet facilities easy for when you need them most.

The IBS Network

Changing Places Map

Phone App or Website?

Both the website and apps allow you to search for your nearest facility or by town/postcode before you travel, but:- 

Use the website to find out the details and plan your route before you leave home. 

Use the phone apps to get there and then find their exact location.

1) The websites give more information and more options. They are specifically designed for when you are using a laptop or desktop computer.

2) The free Apple or Android phone apps work better when you are using your tablet or smartphone.

We have spent the last 4 years creating and checking the Changing Places/Space2Change guides, which are by far the most comprehensive and accurate ones available in the UK.

Changing Places Map

I hope this helps you in knowing these cards exist and hope this will help with bringing awareness to company owners.

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