I am Caroline (Cazbarr), being passionate about life & disability inspired me to create this website.  My disability is called Arthrogryposis, I talk about my disability and how it affects me.  I created this site not to be vain but to share my life with you from my point of view, (as a disabled person). 

In my spare time, I spend my time trying to improve disability access on the high street, where I contact retailers that I have visited and explain what issues I found in their store, in the hope they take this on board and make the necessary improvements.  Other times I am writing my book about disability & sex, or naming and shaming illegally parked drivers.

Take a look through my site, you may find something that interests you and if not, well, you can always drop me a line to tell me what you are interested in!


I blog about what I am passionate about. This varies from life with a disability to accessibility issues, to consumer issues! Take a look!

Latest News

Check my new Disability Aids page, you may find a living aid to help your needs.

Blogs Coming Soon!

Unfortunately, my blogs don’t write themselves, therefore I can only write them when my body allow me the energy to do so.
So here is a list of blogs that I have in the pipe-line.

1. My very first experience on a train as a full-time wheelchair user. – Now Live! 

2. Is your NHS Wheelchair Service “fit for purpose”?

3. It’s ok for you, (disabled people) get a free car!