I am Caroline (Cazbarr).  I was born with a rare disability called Arthrogryposis. I am passionate about life & disability and this passion inspired me to create my website Cazbarr. I talk about my disability and how it affects me on a daily basis through my blogs.  I want to share my life with you from my point of view, (as a disabled person). 

I volunteer for Disability Horizons helping out with their online shop, website, emails etc.  I spend what spare time I have, trying to improve disability access on the high street.  (When we’re not in the middle of a pandemic, yes we are still in it!)  I contact retailers that I have visited and explain what issues I found in their store, in the hope they take this on board and make the necessary improvements.  You wouldn’t believe some of the issues I have come across, actually you probably would!  I am desperately trying to find the time to dedicate to a book I have started to write.  My book about is about disability & sex.

Take a look through my site, you may find something that interests you and if not, well, you can always drop me a line to tell me what you are interested in!

Main News!

When I'm not blogging, I'm volunteering, campaigning for better access on the high street or fighting for the law to be amended.

  1.  I’ve been nominated for Best Newcomer blogger 2020 in the British Travel Awards 2020

  2.  “Need any Help?”  –  How do you respond being asked this question?  Lovely being offered help but how do some take polite rejection?

  3.  The Cost of Being Disabled! – It is more expensive to be a disabled person!

  4.   Becoming Disabled  –  Is disability easier to cope with if your disabled from birth?  

Recent Blogs!

I blog about what I am passionate about. This varies from life with a disability to accessibility issues, to consumer issues!

1.  Brain Fog – A side effect from my heart attack, I talk of how this has now changed my life.  –  Read More!

2.  Do You Abuse Disabled Facilities? – I bet you have at least once.  –  Read More!

3. Magnetic False Eyelashes:  That Work With My Poor Dexterity,  Can They Work For You?  –  Read More!

4. NHS Wheelchair Service – Is yours “fit for purpose”?  –  When your batteries leak causing £4000 damage to your home, how do you get compensation?  With great difficulty it would seem!  –  Read More!

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