Helpful Tips

Collaboration With Chloe

My thanks go to Chloe, who shares my condition of Arthrogryposis and is a Trustee for a charity that talks of our disability, for enthusiastically agreeing to partner with me so we can provide you with valuable tips and ideas to enhance your daily life and overcome some of our daily tribulations.

In conversations with Chloe, I’ve come to appreciate the unique perspectives we both have on how we navigate our daily routines and utilize various tools. We’ve discovered many commonalities in our approaches to adaptation in life and our goal is to share these insights with you.

Even though both Chloe and I have Arthrogryposis, our disability is very different from each other.  Whereas I am a full-time wheelchair user, Chloe is not.  My hands allow me to have a slightly better grip compared to Chloe.  Just goes to prove that even though two people have the same disability, they can each have differing capabilities!

Chloe who has Arthrogryposis standing in a doorway
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