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Helpful Tips

Disability Associated Helpful Tips for an Easier Life – Over the years, I have invented, copied and read about little tips that can make your life just that little bit easier. I now share these with you, in the hope they will make your life a little easier also.

So what kind of tips will I be sharing?  My tips can and probably will, range from the simple to the never thought of tips.  For example, I have just modified my controller on my Electric wheelchair to house my Go Pro and a rear view mirror.  Both essential items for personal safety.  Well, in my opinion anyway!

I’ve just saved myself £150 by not having to buy an assistive device (Wireless TV Earphone Headphone) to help me hear the telly better due to my loss of hearing. I explain all below!

If you have any tips you would like to share, please drop me a line on my Contact Me page.

My Tips

Assistive Device for the Hard of Hearing

I have hearing loss in both ears and wear two hearing aids and I still find it really annoying watching the TV as the speech can be almost impossible to hear clearly. 

I searched online for assistive devices that could help me.  Most of what I found were headphones that use infrared or plug in to your TV.  The trouble is, they are extremely expensive.  Approx £150 dependant on product.

Tip – Reading one of these articles gave me an idea…..I plugged my soundbar into the back of my set-top box (Sky) (optical audio) plug, then I got my standard set of headphones and plugged them into the back of my TV (headphone jack).  My soundbar and headphones work independently of each other, allowing me to put the volume up as high as I need without blasting other people watching TV with me.

I would suggest giving this a go before parting with any money, what have you go to lose!!

***UPDATE*** This does not seem work if you also have a DVD player plugged in.

Personal Safety Adjustments

As a wheelchair user, I am always conscious of who or what is coming up behind me.  Especially with E-scooters/cyclists etc. riding on the pavements  So I decided a rear view mirror was in order.

I also wanted a body cam to show how terrible accessibility is on the high street but didn’t like it attached to my body.  (I know, kinda defeats the object).

So hubby and I got to thinking how to attach these to my controller and keep them stable.  You can see my result in the image to the right.

Tip I used the body cam’s own attachments to strap the cam around my controller.  This helps prevent as much camera shake as possible.  I have used what is advertised as a mobile phone holder tripod.  The legs are sturdy and bend to whatever shape is needed and at *£3.55, how can you go wrong. 

I have a 2nd one of these sat on my desk, holding my phone.  Makes using my phone much easier as it is sat at a higher height.  * Prices correct at time of posting.

Gel Wheelchair Knob Protector

When using my electric wheelchair, the control knob sits in the crease of my thumb and finger.  After a while, this really hurts against the hard plastic.

I asked my wheelchair service if they knew of anything that may help.  They offered me a tennis ball controller……Not very helpful as I have small hands.

Tip – I happened to be in Wilko one day and saw some gel toe protectors.  These looked ideal for the job. 

I’m gutted, while doing this tip, I’ve just found that Wilko have discontinued these.  Don’t fear, I’ve found some on eBay, 8 for the price of *£4.59  I have not used these myself, so can’t comment if they are any good.  When I do need to get some, I will update with a comment.

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