Magnet next to a pair of false eyelashes - text - Magnetic false eyelashes that work with my poor dexterity. Can they work for you?

False Eyelashes: That Work With Poor Dexterity

False Eyelashes: That Work With Poor Dexterity: I have poor movement and grip in my hands. I have searched for what feels like a lifetime for false eyelashes that I can put on and take off by myself. That search is now over!

A few years ago, I used to get individual lashes put on at a beauty salon to give me fuller and longer eyelashes. I really don’t know why I did this as there really wasn’t anything wrong with my own lashes once I had applied mascara. I suppose seeing other females with what I believed to be lovely long lashes made me feel like mine were not good enough.

Unfortunately, this was a big mistake! Having this done repeatedly for approx 6 months ruined my own lashes. What the beauty salons don’t tell you is that while having the glued-on false individual lashes removed, they can and often do, pull your own lashes out along with them. This, in turn, makes your own lashes look short, uneven and very sparse. So, of course, you feel the need to have this treatment again!

I suffered from having minimal lashes for well over a year before they grew back to anywhere near what I had previously and even now, they are not like they used to be but that could also be down to my age lol.

My Dream of Wearing False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes:  That Work With Poor Dexterity - An eye wearing pink feather false eyelashes

Anyway, ever since I can remember, I wanted to be able to wear false eyelashes. You know, for those wild nights out or special occasions. (Although not many wild nights anymore :)) Due to my disability, I could never use them due to how fiddly they were to put on and all that glue…..Always terrified I was going to harm my eyes by getting the glue in my eyes.

I tried so many times to find a workaround with the glue, applicators and different types of lashes. Nothing worked, so I had to give up. (Hence why I started using the salons for false lashes). One of my regrets, I have to say.

That is until now……Magnetic false eyelashes…….The solution to my problem 🙂 This did take a few trials and errors to find what worked for me (and my hands). I tried them using an applicator, that was useless, I bought eyelashes with only 3 magnets, they didn’t sit right. Finally, I found a good combination….

The Solution to my Problem

Magnetic eyelashes, how do they work?

  1. You apply the magnetic eyeliner as you would any other liner – I would suggest testing the amount you need to apply – Let dry for about 2-3 minutes.
  2. Take your magnetic lashes and position them onto the magnetic eyeliner as close as possible to your own top lashes.

Yes, it is that simple!

Superdrugs magnetic false eyelashes online listing

I started out using Superdrugs magnetic false lashes that come with its own magnetic eyeliner, magnetic eyelashes and liner brush. I found several issues with this product.

  • The lashes didn’t sit right
  • The pot of magnetic gel liner is glupey/sticky and very difficult to apply
  • The price was very expensive

So, I did some research and looked online for alternatives. I ended up buying an applicator that looked like an eyelash curler to see if this would aid me in putting them onto my eyes.

The applicator came with magnetic lashes. These lashes are supposed to sit above and under your top lashes. I used Superdrugs magnetic liner. What a bloody palaver that turned out to be!

The applicator was more than useless. The lashes magnetised to the applicator (obviously) but when you put them to your eye and try to release the lashes to sit on your own lashes, they don’t budge, they will not come off the applicator and if they do, you have only half the lashes on your eyes. Not a pretty sight I can tell ya lol

Moving onto my next idea, I decided to dump the applicator and lashes and look for some different ones. You may or may not know these lashes can come in all shapes, sizes and thickness. It’s personal preference as to which ones you want to buy/wear.

Also, magnetic eyelashes can come with different amounts of magnets. Some have three and some have four (that I can tell). I definitely recommend using ones with 4 magnets.

Still using Superdrugs liner, I made sure the next pair of magnetic lashes that I bought had four magnets. They came in a handy compact holder (shown to the right) on eBay for a good price.

As Superdrugs liner is very dry and sticky, applying it onto your eyelids can be hard work. I tend to put mine on fairly thick, I never know how close I’m going to get the lashes to my own. So, if they are not as close as I would have hoped, I still have plenty of eyeliner for them to magnetise to.


I have terrible grip and movement in my hands. I struggle putting on false eyelashes in the conventional way (lashes and glue method). Thankfully, a new breed of false eyelashes have emerged and are much easier for me to use.

  1. Decide the right shape, size and thickness of magnetic false eyelashes to want to wear.
  2. Decide if you want to/can use an applicator.
  3. Purchase magnetic eyelashes, liner and applicator as a set or individually – I would advise you get lashes with 4 magnets, they stay in place much better.
  4. Apply the magnetic liner.
  5. Place the lashes as close as you can to your own.

Job done!!

One thing I will say though, Superdrugs magnetic eyeliner is a bitch to take off. I had mine on all day and I used a wet wipe to remove the liner and ended up hurting my eye. I never normally have any issues using a wet wipe to remove my liner, it’s my usual routine but whatever this eyeliner is made from, it really doesn’t want to come off.

Do search around as prices can vary greatly. I got all mine on eBay, in fact, I have just bought some liquid magnetic liner to see if that is any easier to apply compared to Superdrugs Gel liner. Once I have received it and tried it, I will update and let you know how I found it.

I wore mine yesterday (a fairly windy day) and they stayed on the whole time. Now, I do wear glasses when out, so this may have helped. They are extremely comfortable to wear, so comfortable, I forgot I was wearing them, to be honest.

I say, give them a go, they are so easy to apply and can be bought at reasonable prices if you shop around.

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Fish Insurance: Do You Have Insurance For Your Wheelchair?

Insure your mobility equipment with the disabled insurance specialists Fish insurance

Fish Insurance: Do You Have Insurance For Your Wheelchair? – If you insure your wheelchair or mobility aid, you get peace of mind and protection for your chair.  Fish Insurance is a company that can insure your mobility products:

  • Mobility Scooter
  • Manual Wheelchair
  • Electric Wheelchair
  • Prosthetics & Orthotics

And of course all the other stuff like home/holiday insurance etc.

As you may be aware, I am due to fly out to Vegas later in the year and my biggest worry of all things that could go wrong is my electric wheelchair being broken, or worse, lost!!  That would be my trip destroyed.  So insurance is very important.  My insurance package for my NHS Electric Wheelchair with Fish includes a worldwide cover (including baggage handler cover).  This is exactly what I needed to put my mind at rest, I’m sure you can imagine the stress I was feeling!

As a responsible wheelchair user, (well, most of the time :))  I decided it was a good idea to be insured, if nothing else, for third-party.  We all know there are people out there that will do anything to make a buck or two.  Anyway, a few of my friends recommended Fish.

So I rang them up yesterday to get a quote as I found their website to have a few flaws:

  • Didn’t have my make and model of wheelchair
  • When you click on “Get Your Quote” you are taken through the steps to “purchase” the insurance.

It turns out Fish did actually have my make/model of wheelchair but was just not showing up on the website.  This flaw could possibly invalidate your insurance if you haven’t selected your correct wheelchair.

The first man I spoke with was helpful but sounded rather bored and like he really didn’t want to be there.  I didn’t feel confident in going any further with my enquiry or even purchase, so I told him I would ring back later.  Which I did do.  The second man I spoke with was very nice and very chatty, actually, it got to the point where I thought I was never going to get off the phone but nonetheless, I did.  He answered all my questions and I was happy enough to go ahead and purchase the insurance.

At the time of taking out my insurance, here are a couple of the things they cover:

  • Loss or theft Up to £7,000
  • Third-party liability Up to £2m
  • Contingent liability of Up to £2m
  • Personal accident Up to £3,000
  • Worldwide cover (including baggage handler cover) – Excludes liability cover in North America & Canada (Up to 21 days)

Please remember, insurance companies are always changing/updating their policies, so the above may be different if/when you enquire/purchase yours.

A couple of points to remember:

  • Make sure you tell them if your wheelchair is manual or electric
  • If your wheelchair is NHS or privately owned – Each have their own pricing
  • Make sure you pick the correct option for your wheelchair/scooter – You don’t want to invalidate your insurance

To get more information, please visit Fish’s website:

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Facebook banner with three product adverts below

Bogus Companies Sell Via Facebook

Bogus companies sell via Facebook – These companies send faulty products and that’s if they turn up at all. Then you find the website has disappeared!

My family and I have bought many products from companies advertising on Facebook, from Mascara, Lipsticks, to T-shirts and other such like. So far, we have received more faulty items then not and that’s if they turn up at all! We are still waiting on several items that we have little hope in receiving.

I had seen some lovely make-up products that I wanted to buy on Facebook. So as my birthday was in a few weeks (this was back in mid-April as my birthday was at the start of May), my family offered to get them for me. They ordered some of the products approx three weeks beforehand and we are still waiting for one item to arrive. (Magnetic eyelashes with an applicator).

  1. Outside of the above, I ordered three eyeshadows, I’m in a dispute with the company via Paypal as an extra item was added to my order. My order confirmation does not show this extra item however, it only showed up once I received my Paypal invoice.

Order confirmation at the checkout stage.

Bogus companies sell via Facebook - Order confirmation showing items ordered

Paypal invoice, received AFTER placing and paying for my items.

Bogus companies sell via Facebook - Paypal invoice for order placed.

As you can see, these items are not what you would call cheap, especially with postage costs. So I decided to contact the company with the above proof and asked for a refund on the extra item. I got an apology and told I could have a free item. I asked why then could they not give me a refund on the extra item their company saw fit to add to my order……No reply! So I took it up with Paypal, for all the good that did me. I put in a billing claim, this was their response:

Dear Caroline,

We have reviewed all the details of your claim. Based on the information we have to date, we have to deny your claim. This decision was made because your billing dispute doesn’t match our qualification for a billing dispute.

Then what the hell does it match?? If this is NOT a billing dispute, what is it?? Yes, I have appealed, no, I don’t expect a resolution in my favour.


I appealed Paypal’s decision and yet again they find in favour of the seller??

“We have reviewed all the details of your claim. Based on the information we have to date, we have to deny your claim. This decision was made because the documentation we have on file shows that this transaction is valid and was authorised by you”.

I Appealed again based on their response:

Ok, I tried contacting you outside of this dispute but I was redirected back here. So here goes!

You told me: “Based on the information we have to date, we have to deny your claim. This decision was made because the documentation we have on file shows that this transaction is valid and was authorised by you”.

The information YOU have on file? Surely my claim should be based on the information I have given you?? After all, this is the basis for my claim!!

I’m NOT disputing the transaction, I AM, however, disputing the amount charged. I would like to know how you ascertain I authorised an extra item to my order that I DID NOT purchase nor did it show up on my CONFIRMATION ORDER, you know, the one I check before making my payment?

I have previously sent you my order confirmation clearly showing I purchased 3 items ONLY. Yes, I authorised these but AFTER payment was made for what I believed to be 3 items. I received my Paypal CONFIRMATION OF PAYMENT and it was here and ONLY here did I see the extra item added to my order, an item I did NOT authorise to purchase or pay for. For clarity, I have sent these confirmation images to you yet again. You will clearly see in the red circle on my confirmation order, the items ordered were a total amount of THREE. Then, once I made my payment, I received my Paypal confirmation showing the extra item. Please elaborate on why/how I could have possibly authorised the extra item??

Simply put:

I pick three items
I go to the checkout
See three items in my basket
I pay for these three items
I receive my order confirmation from Paypal
Paypal confirmation show 4 items purchased
How does that constitute my authorisation of 4th item???
I await your response.

I got a response:

We received the claim(s) you opened on 21 May 2020.

We’ve reviewed the transaction(s) and are denying your claim(s). This decision was made because your billing dispute doesn’t match our qualification for a billing dispute.

We’re sorry for any problems you may have experienced with the transaction(s).

So now we are back to the start! Funny how they wouldn’t answer my questions. I feel Paypal can be very biased in their decisions.

I have searched their website for a way of contacting them and can only find a live chat thing where you are told “All our agents are currently offline. Please try again during business hours. Messaging support is available: Monday – Sunday: 7am – 5:30pm GMT”. Yeah, work that one out!! Their Facebook page is as helpful as a chocolate teapot and I hold no hope on Twitter either!!


Bogus companies sell via Facebook –

2. I also ordered two mascaras from a different company as I stupidly believed the advert: I have supplied the link to the product for you to see what I’m talking about but I really do not suggest purchasing any item from them.

Fabulous 4D Fiber Mascara – Mascara with waterproof effect, create dramatically beautiful & bold lashes that enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Glitter rainbow coloured bottle of mascara.

Does it F***!!!!!!

  • Waterproof?…..NO! I rubbed my eye later in the day and I ended up with lovely black streaks across the back of my hand.
  • Dramatically beautiful & bold lashes that enhance the beauty of your eyes?……NO!! I put on three coats of the stuff and it was useless, didn’t make a difference whatsoever! Better off sticking with what I was originally using. I have to say, the one good thing about this mascara……The bottle, it is rather pretty!

3. Lipstick – lipstick was bought from yet another company and I will NOT put them near my lips. They turned up in what I would call a disgusting and used state.

  • The outer box and individual lipsticks all unsealed
  • The bottles were all scratched
  • One of the lids is broken as it won’t screw shut, just lifts on and off
  • Lipstick marks on a couple of the lids like they had been handled by someone with lipstick residue on their hands.

Looking at the images alone, would you use them? With the COVID virus and the fact they turned up in the state they did, I don’t want to use them, so money wasted.

When we tried to contact the company to ask for either a replacement or refund, we found the website no longer existed. So as it was my hubby that ordered them for my birthday as a gift from my daughter, he has also had to take it up with Paypal. (Still waiting on their response).

4. I ordered a bra in a bigger size than I would normally wear and it is small enough to fit my petite 15-year-old daughter.

5. T-shirts from a company called Moteef that send you out Men’s t-shirts even though you have ordered and paid extra for a women tee and when you contact them to rectify their mistake, they send you another T-shirt exactly like the first one!! Really does make the mind boggle.

So I think these are expensive lessons to learn the hard way but learn I have. I will never purchase anything from an advert on Facebook ever again. Order at your own peril!!!


Check eBay, I have found all these items and much more and guess what??? At a much LOWER price too…..RESULT!!!!

If you would like to know more or wish to discuss something else, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me.

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Pandora logo - Pandora in black text with a crown above the letter O

Pandora as Faulty as Their Bracelets!

I was bought a Pandora bracelet roughly 2 years ago and over time I managed to fill it up with charms. Over this period of time, I took my bracelet into Pandora a couple of times to take advantage of their free sonic cleaning. I wanted to keep my bracelet in as good condition as possible. The trouble was, each time my bracelet came back to me, it never seemed to be as clean as before, the silver still looked tarnished. This got so bad I contacted Pandora and their reply was non-committal, to say the least!!

I wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have had my Panora bracelet for approx 5 months now and have had to take my bracelet into my local Pandora store for a professional clean at least 4 times, as my bracelet has tarnished very badly.

I took my bracelet in for a professional clean only on Friday (2/6/17) and as you can see in the pictures I have enclosed, this did not clean my bracelet, you can see my bracelet is still very tarnished? This is the same result every time.  You will also notice that the tarnish does not seem to affect the charms, just the clasp and the safety chain.  (I can confirm my bracelet has never come into contact with any chemicals such as perfume, detergents, hair spray etc).
We all know silver tarnishes over time and a good clean solves the problem and brings the item back to its former glory.  My bracelet was “professionally” cleaned yet it is still tarnished???  I wear other silver jewellery on a daily basis and do not seem to have a problem with tarnishing.  I am now thinking, is it just Pandora jewellery!!

I would love to buy your new bangle but do not wish to spend the money on something that is going to look cheap on my wrist as I am afraid this will tarnish also.

I would like to know if there is anything you can offer/do to fix my bracelet as I am extremely disappointed with having a tarnished black bracelet.  Even the shop assistant said it looked like the silver was coming off but felt this couldn’t be the case as it is real silver.  
I took my bracelet to my local store within the first week of having my bracelet due to the tarnishing and they replaced the bracelet.

Pandora responded:

Dear Caroline, 

Thank you for taking the time to email PANDORA and I’m sorry to hear about your bracelet and charms. I can completely understand how disappointing this must be for you, especially as you have such a collection. 

For the purpose of addressing your issue fully I would like to briefly outline the PANDORA warranty policy that all our stockists are trained in. PANDORA warranty on all silver items is two years, on gold it is two years and leather items it is one year. This is to allow an ample amount of time to discover any manufacturing faults with an item and rectify it for the customer free of charge. 

PANDORA jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver and 14 carat gold and these metals will naturally tarnish.  As such, tarnishing is a natural process and is not considered the result of a manufacturing fault, as is also the case with skin reactions. Factors which contribute to this are; the metals coming into contact with damp environments, prolonged exposure to UV light, and contact with perfume, body lotions, detergents, bleach, and secretions of the skin. Tarnishing can be prevented by regularly polishing all jewellery with a polishing cloth. It is worth noting that Pandora packaging is not tarnish proof and even when jewellery is not being regularly worn we would still advise to polish it to prevent tarnishing from occurring. 

I understand how disappointing this situation must be, so I would recommend taking the items back into your nearest local PANDORA store. Many PANDORA stores also have ultra sonic cleaning services available in store that can carried out for free, should this not change the appearance of the items they can also be sent to the European goldsmiths for assessment and professional cleaning.

I hope that the store are able to help further, but if you have any more queries please don’t hesitate to get back in touch.

These are the pictures:

So please, is this really just normal tarnishing after just 5 months? If so, why does it not improve with professional cleaning? Why does my other silver jewellery not tarnish, which HAVE come into all sorts of chemicals on a daily basis? Just doesn’t make sense to me!

This went on for a while and in the end, I had to give up as the situation was making me ill as I was still recovering from my heart attack. Pandora had made it perfectly clear they wanted nothing tarnishing their good name/reputation and would not agree that there was a fault with this bracelet.

I turned to Twitter recently to try again, once again a brick wall, oh they were nice at first suggesting taking it for a clean, contacting Cust. Serv but once I had explained I had already done this and sent them pictures, I got nothing further…..Not another correspondence from Pandora!! Complete radio silence!!

One can’t help feel Pandora’s Customer Service is as faulty as their bracelets!!!! So now I am stuck with a dirty ugly looking bracelet, I won’t be purchasing any more Pandora products, not with service like this!!

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Fanned out 5 pound notes with Money not good for dexterity problems

Is money slipping through your fingers?


I think we’re all familiar with the new money that has been circulating for some time now. These new £5, £10, £20 pound notes are somewhat fiddly buggers, to say the least. If like me, you suffer from dexterity problems, you will understand what I am about to tell you.

I am constantly dropping these notes due to the shiny surface they have, especially when against other notes, they seem to just slip right out of one’s hand! Folding them is near impossible too, they just bounce right back at you and fly all over the damn place. I believe they were designed not to be able to be folded. No, I have no ideas either. I think it was something to do with maybe keeping them in good condition for longer.

The idea they can not tear is obviously a good one. Who hasn’t torn their money by accident! But, because of this, I believe this design is what causes them to be so shiny.

I can’t help but wonder who actually thinks up these ideas and how much research/testing goes into such a major decision. Who is consulted in deciding if these things are suitable? Clearly not the right sort of people!

Do you have problems using the new money? Let me know in the comments below.

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