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I’m Cazbarr, a disability Blogger and reviewer of products & services.  I was born with a rare disability called Arthrogryposis. Since birth, I have had over 30 operations to improve my disability. 

Being a determined young lady, I like to think my disability hasn’t stopped me from doing the things I love.  This is one of the reasons I created Cazbarr, not only to share my life experiences but to show Joe Bloggs that life as a wheelchair user isn’t as bad as one may think.  

When I’m not blogging, I am the chairperson and organiser of my wheelchair service user group at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton.  (If you are a patient of the wheelchair service and you would like to be a part of our user group, please do get in touch).

Disability Blogger
Product Reviewer
Professional Moaner 😉

Cazbarr Blogger & Reviewer

As a UK-based disability blogger and dedicated product and service reviewer, I bring a unique perspective born out of my personal journey with Arthrogryposis, a rare disability.

I founded this site to cut through the noise of misleading accessibility claims and dubious product promises. My mission is to empower others by providing honest insights well before they invest their hard-earned money.

While I share my experiences on accessibility and product reviews, you can also catch me documenting adventures, from rocking out to Billy Idol in Vegas to facing my arachnophobia by holding tarantulas – a remarkable feat for someone afraid of spiders like myself! 

So be sure to explore my blogs and Forum to gain insights into my varied experiences.  Join us, and let’s collectively navigate the realm of accessibility with openness and genuineness!

Disclaimer:   I am NOT affiliated with any company or brand mentioned across my website, or in any of my blogs/reviews unless declared at the beginning of said blog/reviews.

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Latest News

Bathurst Web Developer

I am thrilled to announce the launch of Bathurst Web Developer, my new web development business based in the vibrant city of London, UK.

From responsive designs to cutting-edge technologies, Bathurst Web Developer is committed to bringing creativity and functionality together to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape. 

my annual check-up

I had my annual check-up with the breast clinic a few days ago.  All went well, thankfully.

Read my update as I explain how my hormone suppressant tablet affects me and other information I found out.

85,000 Hits in 1 month

I am so excited and thrilled to have had so many people visit my site.  I really can’t thank every one of you enough.

I hope this is an indication of the information I am supplying is getting out there to the disabled community and hopefully companies/brands too, so that they realise the issues we have and how to change things for the better.

I have started podcasting as I sometimes find typing painful, blogging can be quite taxing on my hands and arms.  Not to mention my brain haha.

My podcasts at present are about different topics but I am to make my pods/blogs cross-platform.  I will do this in the hope that whatever your preference is, you can either listen to or read my blogs/pods and still not miss out on anything.

As always, if there is anything to wish me to talk/write about, just drop me a line and we can discuss this further.  

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